Olive Oil Poached Skrei

Olive Oil Poached Skrei

Poaching Skrei in oil preserves its clean flavors and maintains the juicy nature of the fish. This method is a versitile recipe to serve over pasta, rice pilaf or pan-roasted vegetables. Consider serving this dish using the remaining head of garlic in a bright gremolata and tossing with pasta, all topped with the oil-poached Skrei. 

Difficulty Easy
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​Olive oil poaching


For Brine:

  • Mix ingredients together in a sauce pot and bring just to a simmer.

  • Once sugar has dissolved, cool completely before brining Skrei


  • Submerge whole Skrei in brine for 2 hours.

  • Then remove and pat dry and portion into 60 g pieces.

For Poaching:

  • Bring all ingredients up to 200ºF in a saucepan and hold to infuse aromatics.

  • Add Skrei and poach at 200ºF in olive oil until opaque but tender.