Skrei - cod in its prime

Skrei - Cod in Its Prime

Discover the annual journey that transforms Norwegian Cod into Skrei—specialty cod with long, firmer, delicate fillets sought after by chefs around the world.

A European Treasure Arrives in America

From the coldest waters, during the darkest nights of the year, emerges an exceptionally light and delicate wild-caught fish.

Skrei (pronounced “skray”) is a true wonder of nature and a culinary delicacy unlike any other. This premium wild Arctic cod must meet exacting quality standards to qualify as Skrei.

Each January, after years spent growing strong in Barents Sea feeding grounds, Norwegian cod swim south, returning to their Lofoten Islands spawning grounds in search of a mate. It’s an arduous journey from the top of the world that creates long, extra-lean and incredibly delicate fillets, transforming Arctic cod into Skrei.

“Skrei” comes from the Old Norse for “Wanderer”

In search of Skrei

Sought after for its superior flavor and flaky meat, Skrei is a source of pride for a nation. This special catch drives Norway’s fishermen to the sea in droves year after year.

During the longest, coldest nights of the winter, a determined fleet of Norwegian fishermen willing to risk it all sets sail to brave the Barents Sea’s unforgiving currents and pounding waves.

As generations have for hundreds of years before them, they take to the sea under cover of darkness in search cod worthy of the Skrei label.

Passionate about their catch, the fishermen treat Skrei with incredible respect, taking extra care to maintain its immaculate, artisanal quality and ensuring only the finest Skrei reach your table.

In fact, in order to be certified as Skrei, the fish must meet strict criteria, including:

  • Wild-caught between January and April
  • Fully grown (approximately 5 years old)
  • Caught in the traditional spawning grounds that line Norway’s coast
  • In immaculate condition—no nicks, bruises or damage
  • Packed within 12 hours of being caught
  • Stored between 32° and 39.2°F
  • Packed and processed in accordance with strict criteria that guarantee the highest quality

Today, Skrei is a pleasure for even the most demanding palates. Prepared in the finest kitchens around the world, Skrei meat, liver, roe and tongue are all highly sought after in Europe and Scandinavia. Skrei is a true culinary delicacy that is as much of a tradition as it is a source of modern culinary inspiration. Without a doubt, this is the best cod in the world.