Road to the Bocuse d'Or

Road to the Bocuse d'Or

Held every two years in Lyon, France, the Bocuse d’Or is among the most prestigious international cooking competitions. Since it started, the Bocuse d’Or has played a significant role in Norway’s culinary industry.

The Bocuse d’Or brings together talented chefs from 24 countries to compete in a grueling five-and-a-half-hour contest. The 2015 Bocuse d’Or marked the ninth year Norway has placed in the top three and the first year the USA placed in the top three, winning the silver medal. This was an incredible feat for both countries.

Norway’s History with the Bocuse d’Or

Bocuse d’Or—often called the “culinary Olympics”—holds special significance for Norway, as its chefs have won five gold medals and placed nine times out of 15 total competitions. Over the years, the Norwegian Seafood Council has worked closely with the Bocuse d’Or—with both the international competitions and the national competition in Norway—often supplying the event with seafood, like Norwegian Fjord Trout, which was the official seafood at the 2003 Bocuse d’Or. Seafood is deeply rooted in the cultural identity of Norwegians, especially chefs who have always looked to the ocean as an endless source of culinary inspiration. Watch a video about the origin of Norwegian Seafood.

Norway Supports Team USA

The 2015 Bocuse d’Or Gold Medalist Chef Ørjan Johannessen recently invited Silver Medalist Chef Philip Tessier of the USA—and former Executive Sous Chef of Napa Valley’s famed The French Laundry—to experience the Norwegian culinary culture firsthand.

Chef Philip joined Chef Ørjan and past Bocuse d’Or competitors from around the world to judge Norway’s Årets Kokk (Chef of the Year competition) and determined who will represent the country at the 2017 Bocuse d’Or. See a video of the competition. While in Norway, Chef Phillp was immersed in the culture, traveling to Bekkjarvik—a small fishing village and home to Chef Ørjan’s award-winning cuisine—to experience the rich heritage and deep connections to sea. While there, Chef Philip experienced Norway’s aquaculture practices firsthand by visiting a farm where he learned about Norwegian Fjord Trout—the product his Team USA candidates are training and competing with at the Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection Event. Watch a video of Chef Philip's experience.

Norwegian Seafood Council Sponsors Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection Event  

With a long history together, it was a natural fit for Norway to continue to support the Bocuse d’Or by sponsoring the Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection Event. The competition will take place on December 17 from 9 am to 4 pm at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. During the four-hour, 35-minute competition each of the four chefs will have the opportunity to highlight their culinary skills and artistry by showcasing a seafood dish featuring Norwegian Fjord Trout and a meat dish. The winning team will go on to represent the US at the Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France, in 2017.

The Norwegian Seafood Council, in partnership with Ment’or, is working to educate the US market about the Bocuse d'Or while inspiring culinary excellence through the use of sustainably farmed seafood. Founded by Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller and Jérôme Bocuse, Ment’or provides support to teams training for the Bocuse d'Or and culinary scholarships.

UPDATE: Mathew Peters, Executive Sous Chef at Per Se, wins Bocuse d’Or Team USA National Selection!