Norwegian Haddock Fritters with Tartar Sauce

Make these fast, flavorful and poppable Norwegian Haddock Fritters and fresh tartar sauce in a flash with this easy recipe.

Difficulty Easy
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  • Prepare tempura batter according to directions, adding lime zest to the batter. Set aside to chill.

  • Small-dice pickles, chop capers, small-dice onions and mince parsley. In a salad bowl, place mayonnaise and add these chopped vegetables; salt mixture and set aside to chill.

  • In a blender bowl, blend piquillo peppers. (Substitute roasted red pepper puree if piquillo peppers are unavailable.) Add salt to taste and set aside to chill.

  • Heat cooking oil to 350ºF.

  • Cut Norwegian Haddock into 12 1-oz. pieces. Dip haddock into tempura batter, then immerse in oil. Once fritters turn a nice golden color, drain them and place on a cloth, then salt to taste.

  • Place the Norwegian Haddock fritters on plates; serve with tartar sauce and piquillo coulis.