The secret of Norway's seafood success

The Secret of Norway´s Seafood Success

Seafood is a way of life in Norway.

Norway´s global success can be attributed to a combination of factors, but most importantly, it is the combination of nature, culture and structure that makes Norwegian seafood world class in terms of quality, tradition and sustainability. 

Seafood is a way of life in Norway. For centuries, Norwegian fishermen have lived in harmony with the sea. Their skills and know-how have continued to evolve with each generation to meet the needs of an ever-expanding international marketplace and the changing tastes of consumers around the world.

Norway is a leading player in marine research, fishing regulation and the environmental protection of marine and coastal fisheries. This has created an ideal industry structure to safeguard the seafood industry.

The Norwegian seafood industry is on a mission to protect its premium seafood and the cold, clear waters that give it life. A delicate balance of sustainable resource management coupled with regulated aquaculture, and traditional reverence for the environment, will continue to feed Norway’s and the world’s demand for its seafood for generations to come. With this task before them, Norwegians know that origin matters.