Norway’s Innovative Seafood Culture

Norway´s Innovative Seafood Culture

Industry and culture, hand in hand

From the fishing villages that line pristine fjords to quaint homesteads that dot the countryside, there is a rare energy that can be felt among the locals—it’s a connection to the sea and their rich seafood heritage. Inspired by their ancestors, Norwegians have always looked to the ocean as an essential source of food. From wild cod, mackerel and Skrei to ocean-farmed salmon, halibut and trout, seafood is deeply rooted in Norway’s culinary and cultural identity.

The seafood industry is one of Norway’s foremost export industries and is vital for those that live along the Norwegian coast.  It provides employment in fishing and aquaculture and has widespread effects on trade and industry as well as on research and development.From marine biologists to processing technicians to seafaring crews, all have a part to play.