Aquaculture Innovation

A Culture of Innovation

Our fishermen have lived in harmony with the sea for thousands of years. Discover how we adapted to ensure this relationship could continue…

A culture of innovation

Over 37 million meals of Norwegian seafood are consumed every day, making Norway the second largest seafood producer in the world, but a rich history of relying on the sea, combined with new and innovative technologies, means that we’re also one of the most sustainable.

Harnessing the power of technology

While advances in technology have enabled us to increase the scale of our seafood production, they have also enabled us to invest in education and training. Sustainable production is at the heart of this education and Norwegians see it as their duty to pass on richer stocks than those they inherited.

Everyone has a role to play

Seafood production provides employment to many of Norway’s people, around 50,000 people work in the fishing industry in Norway’s coastal regions alone. Everyone involved in the industry - from marine biologists to skippers - understands that they are part of Norway’s story of sustainability.

Uniting our aquaculture producers, commercial industries and scientific researchers was the only way we could create a truly sustainable fisheries policy.

By involving all producers in the regulation of their own sectors, we were able to create a balanced strategy. It has been one of our most impressive industrial successes to date - the volume of our exports has risen by 95%, yet we have more environmental certifications than any other country in the world.

Scientific research is paid for by the industry through sales tax and includes:


  • The Marine Research Institute
  • The Norwegian Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund 
  • The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research