Food Security From Fjord to Fork

Food Security From Fjord to Fork

We export our delicious seafood to more than 140 different countries, so we have a hard-earned reputation to uphold. 

The quality and safety of every piece of Norwegian seafood is paramount and the Norwegian Agency for Food Safety and the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research have implemented extensive programmes to monitor it.

Norwegian farmed salmon is taken straight from waiting pen to processing line. With processing taking just 4-6 hours, our salmon is ready for transportation the very same day. 

We have very strict regulations in place to protect food safety. This includes the regular cleaning of equipment and nets. We also have emergency plans in place to protect our food if the strict policies are compromised. 

Checking for pollutants

For more than 20 years, the Norwegian authorities have been closely monitoring Norwegian salmon for the presence of any undesirable substances, such as PCBs, dioxins and heavy metals. We can confidently say that the levels of pollutants are far below the limits set by the Norwegian authorities and the European Union, and are comparable with other fatty fish, such as mackerel and herring.

Healthier fish = fewer antibiotics

The health of our fish throughout its entire lifecycle, combined with effective vaccines and the strict application of our aquaculture laws, has enabled us to virtually cease using antibiotics in our farmed fish altogether.

Antibiotics have never been detected in amounts greater than the safe limits established by the Norwegian authorities and the European Union. The authorities undertake thousands of tests every year, and the latest tests confirm this status.