Norwegian Red King Crab

Norwegian Red King Crab

Sweet-tasting Norwegian King Crab is a relatively recent introduction to the U.S., but it has quickly earned its place as a true delicacy.


The coastal waters and tributaries of the southern region of the Barents Sea

Availability: October - December
Size: Shell can reach 9 inches long, weighing up to 17 pounds

The Fish:

Norwegian Red King Crab was only introduced to our waters in the 1960s, but it has already secured its place as a true delicacy. This is partly due to its spectacularly juicy claw meat and partly because of its versatility in hot and cold dishes. Below you’ll find out what else makes Norwegian Red King Crab so unique.

The Red King Crab experiment:

The Red King Crab hasn’t always lived in the Barents Sea. In fact, Soviet scientists introduced this particular species of crab the 1960s to help the people of Murmansk earn a living. Its stock has increased significantly since then, spreading throughout the cold, clear waters of the Barents Sea.

Wild Caught:

Norwegian Red King Crab is wild-caught using crab pots at depths between 16-1300 feet, depending on the season.

How to Handle Red King Crab:

Red King Crabs from Norway are so large that fishermen must handle each one individually. This means that the entire process–from catch to production – involves a high level of care and attention, ensuring Norwegian Red King Crab is of the finest possible quality.

How to Prepare:

Norwegian Red King Crab is sold alive and frozen, raw and cooked. ‘Prepared’ crab, is available in many different options to choose from:

  • Whole crab: The innards and upper shell have been removed.
  • Cluster: Three legs and a claw joined together
  • Single legs and claws

Click here for easy preparation instructions.

Nutritional Value:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium