How to Soak Bacalao

How to Soak Bacalao

Bacalao has a very high salt content and must be soaked before eating. Follow these simple instructions to enjoy delicious Bacalao every time.

  1. Step one: Soak

    Step one: Soak

    Rinse the bacalao in clean, cold water to remove the excess salt, and then place the fish into a bowl to soak. There should be at least 3X as much water as fish and the water should be between 6-8°C.

  2. Step two: Change the water

    Step two: Change the water

    Pour fresh water over the bacalao every 8 hours.

  3. Step three: Ready to cook

    Step three: Ready to cook

    The bacalao will be ready to cook after 48 hours.

  4. Step four: Portions

    Step four: Portions

    In order to make the most of your bacalao, we recommend the following cuts: