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Boost Business with Seafood from Norway

Partner with the Norwegian Seafood Council for expertise to support your restaurants’ sales. In Norway, Seafood is our heritage and livelihood, which delivers a commitment to quality, service and an unparalleled passion.

Trusted Partners

As trusted seafood experts, let us help you increase sales by offering back-of-house training, staff education on Norwegian seafood, front-of-house promotions or other beneficial custom programs.

Our culinary team can assist in developing specific ideas that fit your operations and customers’ needs, or we can work with your chefs to develop creative, delicious and profitable recipes for your menu.

Origin matters

In 2019, 2/3 of Americans stated a preference for Norwegian fish and seafood instead of other species.

In Norway, seafood is a way of life, with seafaring traditions that date back to the Vikings. Our seafood comes from a special place, with crystal clear fjords, 60,000 miles of pristine coastline and a commitment to respecting and preserving nature. Many fish species, like ocean farm-raised Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout, call Norway’s cold and clear waters home.

Explore why origin matters when selecting seafood on our webpage.

Transparent production

Diners today demand more than safe and delicious food. Your customers want to know where their food came from and want to understand the passion in which it was produced. Not only are we committed to sustainable fishing, but we are open and transparent partners, committed to sharing how our seafood gets to the plate and sharing why we do what we do with you and your customers. To learn more about our sustainable fishing practices, explore our webpage.

Used by top chefs


Top chefs across America trust the quality, freshness and consistency of Norwegian seafood, serving delicious seafood to their patrons.

Not only do they serve seafood from Norway, they help the Norwegian Seafood Council gain valuable insights, build programing, develop marketing ideas and advocate for sustainable seafood.

Learn more about our ambassadors and their accomplishments on our webpage.

Nutrition support

Health and nutrition are motivating factors for many Americans consuming seafood, with more than half of Americans citing it as a reason they chose to eat it. Norwegian seafood is a delicious way to add nutritious options to your menu for the health-contentious diner. It is a safe and sustainable fish choice, containing a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

Our toolkit for foodservice operators is a great resource that outlines fish species, menu ideas and registered dietitian approved nutritional facts.

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