Norwegian Seafood Retail Programs

Drive Sales with Norwegian Seafood

Let us be your partner in promoting Norwegian Seafood sales with our expert insights, sales support and custom cobranded programs.

Partner and Tool for Growth

We work closely with retailers to boost their sales and meet store needs, and most importantly, the shoppers’ needs. 

We continuously monitor emerging food trends and can partner with you to attract new shoppers by integrating Norwegian Seafood throughout the store, from new ways to integrate seafood into prepared foods to increasing offerings across the store in fresh and frozen.

Our goal is long-term satisfaction, strong partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships. We encourage real-time feedback and regular communications from our partners and ensure timely and supportive responses.  

Origin Matters

In the United States, 2/3 of consumers in 2019 said they prefer Norwegian fish and seafood instead of other species. This is because your shoppers know that when it comes to seafood quality and the way it is produced, origin matters. 

Norwegian fishermen and women have been doing this for a while, with traditions that date back to the Vikings. Our seafood originates from crystal clear fjords, pristine coastlines and a culture that has garnered its livelihood from respecting and preserving nature. From wild-caught fish stocks to premium ocean farm-raised Norwegian Salmon and Norwegian Fjord Trout, the cold, clear waters of Norway are the home to many popular fish species. Explore why origin matters when selecting seafood on our webpage.

Transparent production

We know your shoppers have questions about how their fish gets from the sea to the store, and as an open and transparent partner, we want to share our focus on sustainability. In fact, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation survey in 2018, sustainability continues to be an important purchasing factor, with six out of ten respondents saying its important the food they consume and buy is produced in a sustainable way. We are proud of our country’s fishing heritage and have created the most sustainable fishing industry on planet. We have confidence that through partnership, open communication and dedication, we can earn and retain your shoppers’ trust. To learn more about how we fish sustainably, view our webpage.

Nutrition and dietitian support

While Americans eat seafood for many reasons, from convenience to indulgence, 51% of American shoppers choose seafood for health, wellness or nutritional motives. 

Norwegian Seafood gives your shoppers nutritious options, packed with vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Pair its nutritional profile with its flavor, safety and sustainable production, and your shoppers can be confident in what they serve themselves and their families. 


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