Making your own gravlax is easier than you think. You can also make your own special version by replacing the dill with other spices or herbs.

  1. Preliminary work

    Preliminary work

    Buy about 1.5 kg of salmon fillet. Scrape the skin thoroughly to remove all the scales. Then rinse the fish and dry it lightly using paper towels.

  2. Remove the bones

    Remove the bones

    Clean the fillet; cut off the belly bone and fins, and pull out the pin bones using tweezers or tongs.

  3. Spices


    Mix together two parts salt, one part sugar and pepper. For a single fillet of about 1.5 kg, you need: 4 tbsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp pepper. Rub the salt mixture into the salmon fillet and place plenty of fresh dill on the fillet. Do the same with all the fillets if you have more than one.

  4. Marinating


    Divide the fillet in two, rub in the salt mixture and add fresh dill. Then place the meat sides facing one another and put everything in a plastic bag or tray. This is stored in the refrigerator for two days. Turn the fillets after one day. Alternative seasoning tip: Make a salt and sugar mixture as stated, but also add a coarse milled pepper mix to it. Drizzle a couple of tablespoons of aquavit over the salmon and replace the dill with coarsely chopped juniper berries.

  5. alt

    Ready to serve

    Serve the fish cut into thin slices with the mustard sauce, creamed potatoes or bread and salad. If you want to make your own mustard sauce, you will find the recipe here.