What to Look for When Choosing Your Fish

What to Look for When Choosing Your Fish

Read our top tips before you head out to the shops and choose the freshest fish available every time.

Norway maintains impeccable standards and follows strict processes throughout its supply chain to deliver the highest quality products to retailers.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your shop:

  • Look for bright skin: If the skin is dull, then it has been stored for too long.
  • Eyes should be clear, shiny, and slightly protruding: If the eyes are dull, grey and slightly sunken, the fish has been stored for too long.
  • Gills should be bright red with marked streaks: If the gills are exposed for too long, the ends become paler and slightly contracted.
  • It should smell of the sea – not like fish: When fish has been exposed for too long it will give off a strong and unpleasant odour.
  • Check the firmness: The flesh must be well attached to the backbone, while being soft to the touch. To check the firmness of the fish, lightly press the flesh - a fresh fish returns to its original shape without any indents.

Good to know: Fish is called "fresh" when it has been kept cold, but has not been frozen, processed or prepared in any way before reaching the fishmonger.