Fresh Fish for Pregnant Women

Fresh Fish for Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers should consume two to three servings of fresh fish every week.


A healthy diet is always important – but particularly during pregnancy. Expectant mothers have a high need for vitamins and minerals, however, they do not need significantly more calories. Diets for pregnant women must meet these needs.

Choose fish from clean waters, at best from the sea or fish from sustainable aquacultures. Fatty fish are particularly healthy. Salmon from Norwegian aquaculture is an example of such a high quality product. In order to combine health and consumption, meals with fish should be designed as varied as possible. Fish have nutrients that can help your child’s growth and development. Make sure to choose a variety of fish lower in mercury. The FDA and EPA’s “Best Choices” have the lowest levels of mercury. Fish on this list include mackerel, cod, crab, and haddock.

There is a long row of scientific studies about the connection between fish as food, taking fish oils and embryonic development. A study with 9,000 pregnant women from the university in Aarhus showed a low risk for premature births as well as for a low birth weight for women who ate a lot of fish during their pregnancy.

The human brain consists of around 60 percent fat and more than half of this fat is composed of omega 3 fatty acids. They are indispensable for supplying the human brain and central nervous system. Developmental biologists even see a connection between the mental development of a human and a diet rich in fish and crustaceans. These assumptions are proven by studies that were able to show a connection between the mental development of the child and a corresponding diet from the expectant mother. The child’s brain makes particular progress during the final trimester of pregnancy. Omega 3 fatty acids are therefore an absolute necessity at this time.

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